Its hot outside, your balls are sweaty. You finally sit down and spread your legs.
"Yeah man, my balls are finally unstucked."
by Ricapp31 July 08, 2019
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An inner happiness when you find the answers within yourself
I am happy and content. I feel unstucked.
by Wisegrandma June 18, 2016
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the process of getting free from stuck
the ring was stuck on my finger and then i wiggled it until it was unstuck.
by Ben Edwards October 28, 2005
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The process by which one attempts to become profitable after being "stuck" for a discrete period of time.
Friend: Damn Town, you're stuck $300 for the last 2 months!

Town: I'm sick twit it, and plan on getting unstuck tonight!
by Indianapolis H'eeees February 25, 2008
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