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The real name for "post-modernism"
It's the stage we got to after the "modern" age

Often misnamed the "digital" age, or the "age of information" by academic historians and other pitiful creatures who spend most of their short days trapped in a small room with a computer screen, we often forget that most of the world's population has no access to "digitalism" or even gives a shit about it since they're still worried about getting access to basic medication or food on the table or not dying in some kraut's imperialist wet dream (cheney, bush, reagan, mugabi, obama, putin, and all the world's rich cocksucking warmongers). And I'll be damned if you guys think we have any information worthy enough to name our collective existence after given the present state of affairs.

"Modrenism": (What emerged out of "modernism" )The idea that we have vast amounts of resources to feed and make the world function and use them "rationally" to serve a purpose with the least amount of resources possible.
And so it came to pass that, in the year 2011, at the dawn of the modren age...thirty percent of the population of the USA were self-destructively obese while children on the other side of the world were still dying of malnutrition. We live in ugly shitholes but use most of our metal on making cellphones and copious quantities of cars that are going to A)break down shortly, B) ferry us around to our little appointments with our little lives while we might be better off to chill a bit.

-Billydear, have you seen the new housing developments?
They're so exciting and modren!

-Wow, that's some really impressive modern art!
- modern art was eighty years ago, this is modren art, a deliberate break from the past.
by kidneyswap January 30, 2011
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