When a message is not read by the recipient, this is usually because they are disinterested in what the person has to say.

On occasion, the user will read the message in scroll or drop-down feature of their phone, which will still leave the message unread in the chat.
Joey: 'Hey Samantha, great time last night, we should do it again sometime'
Samantha to Georgie: 'Did you see Joey wants to talk? I left him unread, so he thinks I never saw the message.'
by NardwaurOfWords May 29, 2020
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When you text someone and instead of reading it they ignore it although they are active or inactive on instagram or other social media apps.
Emily: Damn landon left me unread.
Landon: im back i had to use the bathroom.
by MrSlappaH December 28, 2018
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When someone reads the message from their notifications, but doesn't open it. This may be due to:
1. They're busy.
2. They pretend to like you but aren't interested enough to listen to your problems.

This leads to people with people constantly checking their messages to see if that person even checked their message. The longer the message remains unchecked, the longer your anxiety grows.
Jack: So you up for me coming to your place this weekend.
Sam: Yeah, what time?
Jack: Is 5 PM good?

*Message left on unread for 10 hours*

*Jack starts checking his messages every few minutes, his faith in his so called friend dwindling every second.*
by xXPU55Y_REKTER_9000Xx March 20, 2018
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While texting someone (usually a close friend or crush) and you receive no response to a message you have sent, so you text them again in an attempt to resume the conversation, to no avail.
Jack had no idea when to stop texting Jamie so she left him double unread
by Texting Aficionado January 31, 2018
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Its a message that hasnt been read.
"Its an ok day still. I love you ok? I always will. Its ok"
"Please try to get me. I am sad and i am honouring you with my request. I am sad and i dont know what to do. Can you help me?"
message unread
by Krkič January 5, 2022
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A temporary fit of anxiety. This is a very common affliction caused when you send a message to someone on MySpace when you see they are online, then sit and wait for them to respond. After a couple of minutes you open your Sent Mail and see that it is still Unread. You have now entered the Unread Online Syndrome. You sit there hoping beyond hope that the message gets opened before he/she logs off, because if not, then who knows how long till the person logs back in. You refresh the page every couple seconds. You check your Inbox anyways, making sure that it isn’t a glitch saying it’s Unread when it’s really not. You begin to feel panic. “Is he/she gonna see that there’s a new message before logging?!?” There is no escape. You have been infected with Unread Online Syndrome and the only cures are if the person finally opens the message or just logs off.
Joey got sick last night. He was on MySpace and for 3 hours he suffered from Unread Online Syndrome before Angel finally wrote him back. But by then it was too late and he was convulsing on the floor.
by Jace555 May 5, 2009
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Purposely not reading a Snapchat or other form of instant messaging for a period of time to make it seem that you are busy with other things besides waiting for them to text you. Not to be confused with leaving someone on read.
George: Dave didn't open my Snapchat for 5 minutes, even though he's doing literally nothing else
Hannah: Sounds like he's leaving someone unread.
by attarax June 7, 2019
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