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Means awesome or really cool
Was born from Tyler Joseph accidentally misspelling "until"
Tyler Joseph: Dude that's so unlit
Josh Dun: So unlit!
by Ms.Misty-Eyed January 04, 2016
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Meaning great or awesome
Ex: Yo, man that new 21 pilots song is so unlit!
by mrmaxperson April 07, 2015
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the opposite of lit.


girl 1: OMG that party last night was SO BORING!
girl 2: OMG IKR it was so UNLIT!
via giphy
by dafvq January 16, 2017
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when something is bad gross and terrible
jack: what did you think about jacob sartrius bingo song

mia: bro thats song was soo un lit
by wwe fan 85 April 17, 2017
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