Kore wa unko desu.

Unko ga daikirai desu!
by Stefani M. July 5, 2006
The Japanese word for 'poop'.

Can be used as an affectionate nickname as it is a rather childish way of describing shit.
1. Look at that massive unko the dog left on the street!

2. Hey Unko! How's it going?
by malathia February 3, 2006
A fan made gaming forum dedicated to the online game, Knight Online. UNKO is slang term relating to Unofficial Knight Online.
Have you been to the UNKO forums lately? Much better than official.
by anonymous23124 June 17, 2010
dis is wat u say wen u no noe someones name (one kane) dis is wat u call ummm.
ehhhhh unko...........
by kele April 6, 2005
people that just love eating shits, cant stop fucking

love eating your mom
by monster1299 March 4, 2007
Japanese for "goldfish poo"; specifically, a string of expelled poop that has failed to detach from the fish's anus so that it trails behind the fish as it swims.

A Japanese expression used either endearingly or annoyingly to describe a person or animal that literally follows someone (usually a parent/caretaker) wherever they go.
"Our Akita and 4 year-old are inseparable. They follow one another all over the house all day like each other's kingyo no unko. It's so cute."

"A celebrity's entourage is just glorified kingyo no unko".
by Eurasian Lynx August 27, 2011