This is a high school located in a slightly rural area of PA on the Pennsylvania Delaware line. It is commonly known for its high population of upper middle class students. However not everyone is "rich" and not everyone is given a car. There are normal kids, there are less fortunate kids and yes, there are kids who's parents make more than the average middle class. All in all this is an average high school.

They are also commonly known for scoring well on state wide testing as well as on various academic teams such as Future Business Leaders of America. Unionville as a community also holds a Unionville Community Fair every year on the school grounds that is open to anyone who wishes to come.

They are also known for having a rivalry with Kennett High. It is unknown where the "feud" came from but not everyone in Unionville hates Kennett, it seems to be more of a sports related thing.

The kids at Unionville are like any other. They have their problems, preps, potheads, goths, jocks, indies, and any other typical high school things you could think of.
Unionville is a high school in PA.
by literacy June 11, 2009
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The best god dam school you can go to. Sure their are rich kids, and druggies and others but you know what they only makes up about 1% of the whole school. All the other definition where by Garnet Kids. Its in the top 10 schools in PA and is the 800th something in the whole country. Their are around 100,000 high schools in America, its 92% better then garnet.
U WHAT!!! Unionville is what
by Union-ville December 10, 2010
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A small town composed of a hard working older generation that has gained lots of wealth, while the younger generation blows it on crack. The center of Unionville could easily be mistaken for a run down radioactive warehouse in the Ukraine. The town life is just as abnormal. Most of these town trolls come out at night while the rest of society goes to bed focusing on bigger priorities. While growing up in a native american environment the kids seem to have big egos that makes them think they are ghetto, instead of having to legitamitly hustle in a rougher town like Coattesville, Kennett or Upper Darby.

In this exotic hotspot you also have a rediculously long list of activities. Some of these activities include riding horses, lighting the crack-pipe, blowing up condoms like ballons and the town favorite, chase the niggers through the farmlands. Good ole' Unionville is a clear insight of what life was like during the 1700's.
T- Did we just time travel in your car
B- Nah its just grimey old unionville
by Paradedayquad20 March 26, 2011
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WE KICK ASS! we got best in the state and if anybody has a problem with us, they got to look in the mirror, because THEY'RE the one with problems! Oh, and about the money thing-I go to unionville and I am NOT rich. I have never shopped at Abercrombie, American Eagle, Forever 21, Hollister, or ANY of those other places that sell u the same stuff for 50 times the price at any other store. So whoever is making the stupid stereotypes, shut the fuck up.

And kennett sucks.
by PrOuD 2 Go 2 uNiOnViLlE April 6, 2006
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A place in pennsylvania where the kids are as follows:
1.) Hicks who will take fundies and shop classes and stay here for their whole life changing people's oil
2.) Rich white kids who think we are a suburb of philly when we're not at all. They will get cars and shit from their loaded parents and they will drink and smoke weed right under their parents' noses while their parents think they are god. Half are girls who drink to be cool or hook up. Their 3.0 gpas will get them into Penn State or some other college, and they will become this countrys' lazy middle class
3.) The three minorities in our town who are on that academic team and will get some high profile job.
4.) Fat football players who think people go to their games to actually watch the games. Sometimes they blend with one of the previous groups
5.) Outsiders who feel good about themselves by having other loser friends, most are nice and some are fucked up but that doesn't mean they're not people
6.) the few smart kids who no one really likes but will be the only ones who are successful
7.) stoners who hang out in kennett or west chester trying to be ghetto
once everyone steps out of this rich, mushroom-smelling hick town into the real world they will get eaten alive.
Typical Unionville student:

Hey my parents are letting me have the house for the weekend, tell your friends to come and get drunk, my parents will believe me when I tell them I studied all weekend and they'll even by me a mercedes.
by pacs son November 11, 2006
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u-vill is full of losers who put shitty ass definitions online about the school and the people in it when not everyone in the school is a druggy and not everyone is rich... yes some ppl have cool cars and expensive clothes and yes there are people who are druggies... but there are normal people in there so grow up and do something useful with your life instead of writing stupid shit on here to make yourself feel better

im out... lata bitches
yeah go do some homework yah fuckheads
by thetruth May 2, 2005
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