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This is a high school located in a slightly rural area of PA on the Pennsylvania Delaware line. It is commonly known for its high population of upper middle class students. However not everyone is "rich" and not everyone is given a car. There are normal kids, there are less fortunate kids and yes, there are kids who's parents make more than the average middle class. All in all this is an average high school.

They are also commonly known for scoring well on state wide testing as well as on various academic teams such as Future Business Leaders of America. Unionville as a community also holds a Unionville Community Fair every year on the school grounds that is open to anyone who wishes to come.

They are also known for having a rivalry with Kennett High. It is unknown where the "feud" came from but not everyone in Unionville hates Kennett, it seems to be more of a sports related thing.

The kids at Unionville are like any other. They have their problems, preps, potheads, goths, jocks, indies, and any other typical high school things you could think of.
Unionville is a high school in PA.
by literacy June 11, 2009

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Verb (octa-pown)

1)To pwn several people at one time.

2)To pwn specifically 8 people at once (not as commonly used definition)

Typically used by gamers or non gamers who try to use gamer lingo.
Example 1:
Gamer "Dude you wont believe this!"

Bystander "What man?"

Gamer "I just octapwned all those noobs!"

Bystander "Thats sick!"
by literacy June 11, 2009

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