When grinding on a male SO low that his penis rests on your head.
by Unicorn princess. September 21, 2013
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The act of taping a beer can to a passed out friend's forehead. Accomplished with one empty beer can some tape.
Jon: Jaeger got unicorned and the fag is sitting on his face.

Teggs: Sucks to be him.
by NJITdrinksFACE July 2, 2010
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Unicorned (verb)--the process of being impaled in some way by a unicorn, usually the horn on its head. There is no proof that this can be done since no-one has ever seen one of these in the first place.
Officer: Your Mom and Dad was recently unicorned yesterday while trying to find the land of unicorns...thus, they had entrusted you everything they had in their will.

by The one above all December 21, 2009
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When you take your testicles and gently put them in the eye sockets of a sleeping friend while at the same time getting aroused and having a full erection thus making them a unicorn.
"Dude if I find out one of you guys unicorned me i'm going to take out the time to personally assassinate each one of you"
by Flappy98 July 15, 2012
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When having missionary sex and you punch the girl in the forhead and leave a red mark.
So i had her on the bed and was taking that ass hard then i unicorned her.
by Keljoran September 7, 2014
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Getting player owned in a fantasy based universe.
by tweanut August 31, 2008
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Strapping a dildo to your head and charging full throttle and drilling the recipient in the vagina or anus.
by Diamond Cutter (Pres) January 20, 2005
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