A character on Glee. He is adorable and super cute. He is played by Chris Colfer. Kurt came out to Mercedes first, after she thought they were dating, even though Kurt was just spending time with her. In Preggers, Kurt is caught dancing to Single Ladies by his Dad, who is played Mike O' Malley. Brittany covers for him, saying that he is in football. He becomes the kicker for the McKinely High football team, helping them win their first game in FOREVER. The night, Kurt comes out to his dad, his dad acepting him. Kurt has a huge crush on Finn, the lead football player, and the boyfriend of Quinn.

In Ballads, Kurt is paired up with Finn to sing a duet. Kurt helps Finn get though the whole baby business, and near the end of the episode, Finn asks, "So, what's your ballad for us?" And Kurt says, "*I honestly love you. . .*" And Finn doesn't get it, heartbreak in Kurt's eyes.

In Hairography, Kurt gives Rachel a makeover, trying to help her impress Finn, making her dress like a slut. Finn tells her that he likes the old Rachel. Rachel storms to Kurt, yelling at him. She tells him, "It doesn't matter what number I am, I will always be infront of you, because I'm a girl!"

People often find Kurt paired with Puck, Finn, and Mike. People find Puck and Kurt together would happen Puck is a stud, and he'll do whatever the hell he wants.
Me: HEY! Didn't you just love Glee last night?
Jill: Yes! Kurt Hummel is so cute!
Me: I feel so bad for him. Bless his little, stylish heart.
by Loulouthesweet January 2, 2010
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An unproblematic character in the show glee Who has an on and off relationship with Blaine Anderson he’s obviously one of the best characters though he lets Rachel and everyone else walk all over him
You’re so gay and awesome just like Kurt Hummel
by hi_im_ELLA June 26, 2021
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A character on the FOX TV show "Glee". He is life. He is Love. He is VERY GAY. He carried to show
My favorite quote:

"bitch took my pillow" - Kurt Hummel season 4
by blue-green28 March 15, 2021
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