The most beautiful song ever written by Porter Robinson that can bring an old man to tears within seconds and can cure cancer.
Doctor: I'm sorry she only has 2 hours left to live
Person: *plays Unfold by Porter Robinson*
Grandma: Hippity hoppity I'm cured
by PianoBoyEDM April 26, 2021
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When a man's penis slightly erects.
Jim unfolded when he saw some gutterslut.
by January 20, 2022
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To let someone know you’re serious.
I just broke my damn wrist unfold.... I’ll beat ya ass unfold.... I’ll take yo girl in a heart beat, on unfold.
by Gondola T August 7, 2018
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A Rare misused expression of major disrespect
I'll unfold you like a cheap Tesco deck Chair. Unfolded
by gayhed November 28, 2016
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a very cool band from switzerland who make nerdy cool and clever dark metal
hey it's unfold !
cmon let's all throw rocks at him !
by unfold March 8, 2005
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Unfold the Loaf, verb, means to pull out your penis.

Source: I am Rapaport, Stereo Podcast #132, Michael Rapaport
Hey baby, you are so fine, let me unfold the loaf.
by TMAdam February 27, 2016
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