Opposite of aboveground, kthanks.
by MF September 4, 2002
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Something I greatly overvalue in order to escape from my low self-esteem in order to be able to tell myself I am superiour to every form of life.
Someone1: Hi, have you met my friend Amar?
Me(to self): He calls me his friend? How can that be? How can he possibly like me.. Oh wait it's in your head Amar.. it's in your head.
Me: I listen to artists that are so underground they have 600 hits back on google, that's why I own you. I own, I own. Muahahah! I own! Bow before me!! Puny mortal! Bow before me!
Someone2: Is he crazy?
Someone1: Yes.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde March 19, 2006
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A place that exists in order to
train up a resistance against today's youth culture. It is a place, full
of truth, where you can find safety from the world and passion for God.

The ministry statement of the Underground is:

we are compelled
to expose our generation to Christ, connect with them, exalt God
together, and sharpen each other to impact all generations.

Brent: Hey, are you going to the Underground on Wednesday?
Joey: Of course!
by dfault June 29, 2004
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underground is a term for a scene that has unknown artists to the mainstream world but very known to those who keep up with going to many places showing this sort of stuff. NOTE: unknown and underground are extremely different!!!underground is a sound of it's own unknown is a band that has a mainstream sound but is *obviously* unknown
bonsai kitty is underground but shanghi sneeze is unknown because the sound mainstream...ish
by zz November 1, 2003
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a mainstream group of people who all think they listen to superior music groups because noone else has heard them, mainly because they all suck.
most-all musicians were once underground at one time or another.

a group of people who dont understand tha society is a circle. you can only go so far away from the "mainstream" before you all look alike. for example, every riced out import, every "goth" every "slc punk wannabe" every "gangsta" and every single person who clains to be an individual, ends up looking and acting EXACTLY like everyone else like them
"yo check out my crx man! it is totally pimped out and original!"
"whats oringinal about it? the fact that you havent put in glowing windshield sprayers YET?"
by -Chad August 13, 2005
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rappers who think they are not sell outs because they are "underground". Unable to sign with a major record studio. These people will usually eventually sell out, go bankrupt, or waste their meaningless lives complaining about how other rappers just talk about bling bling, hos, and cars.
Look at that underground rapper right there; I think he is a beggar or something
by arrogant atheist August 28, 2003
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