Does NOT have to be unknown, it can also be a rapper that was underground yet kept the style and became extremely popular and well-selling commercial material
Pharoahe Monch and Wu-tang clan have music that is not bombarded with commercial material yet sell heaps
by Big Mac December 25, 2003
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The Space of matter beneath the ground. Mostly thought to be considered only the earth's crust layer.
When someone dies, they are sometimes buried 6 feet underground.
by Michael Gatto August 29, 2008
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those fucking annoying pimples that are like a solid mound protruding from your head, hurt like hell, yet don't have a head so you can't deal with them
you: fml this new pimple is giving me a headache
friend: ouch, an underground?
by Catriine September 09, 2010
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A twenty-first century marketing buzz word used to convince teens that the over-hyped, over-produced, corporate-friendly crap they listen to on the radio station everday is actually "unique, hip, different" or that they somehow aren't part of a target market in which they all obediently buy the same crap.
Yeah, that hot new underground rapper made his debut on TRL today.
by samhain November 19, 2004
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Something I greatly overvalue in order to escape from my low self-esteem in order to be able to tell myself I am superiour to every form of life.
Someone1: Hi, have you met my friend Amar?
Me(to self): He calls me his friend? How can that be? How can he possibly like me.. Oh wait it's in your head Amar.. it's in your head.
Me: I listen to artists that are so underground they have 600 hits back on google, that's why I own you. I own, I own. Muahahah! I own! Bow before me!! Puny mortal! Bow before me!
Someone2: Is he crazy?
Someone1: Yes.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde March 19, 2006
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Simply put, it’s an elite form of music or lifestyle not typical of the mainstream
Wow, Kyle wishes he was underground but just isn’t
by Undergroundguy420 February 22, 2020
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