A really cool Ben Folds song discussing how if you don't fit in, you just need to slap on some combat boots, heavy eyeliner, and a nose ring and now you're apart of the underground where you are accepted.
Hand me my nose ring... Show me the mosh pit!
by Cin-D July 21, 2005
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If you ever get the chance to listen to an Underground CD called "The people of the stands" (very hard to find) it has a very good song called "Providence" and it cannot be found on Kazaa no matter what you're user level is.
Just another day in the Life
One way Road
Track 4 on the CD named above
Track 10 " "

Great songs just waiting to be found.
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
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underground are like sub-cultures.the word underground was used because not many people knew about it not nobody its not many..
by ruicosta_dilivio October 20, 2003
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The act of connecting with the Earth through dancing barefoot to underground electronic music such as house music or techno, at an outdoor electronic music festival or gathering. These particular "roots E.D.M." genres of House and Techno use a 4/4 beat, a.k.a. "4 on the floor," the exact rhythms our ancestors produced through primitive percussion instruments created from trees and earth clay, which they used to dance barefoot upon the earth in celebration, worship, prayer and to connect with themselves, each other and Nature. Our ancestors did this for tens of thousands of years, and many indigenous communities around the world still do this today. See shamanism as well.

Derivative of the word "grounding" or "earthing" which has been trending since 2015, describing the act of standing or walking barefoot on the earth to absorb ions, connecting electrically to the earth; reducing inflammation and improving health.

*First coined/introduced by Elektrik Fantasy Festival in Miami.
I've got my Fantasy costume together and I'm ready to dance to some 4-on-the-floor house music at Elektrik Fantasy Festival, but I'm going barefoot because I'm all about the undergrounding on the sand!
by fAB eLEKTRIK March 5, 2018
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Underground is about passion. of course the word is missused and abused . a true underground artist will create music/art from the heart as apposed to something tailored to a commercial market.an underground event organiser will still put on the event for the love of it even if its going to lose money... underground artists can have a long career out of the often distructive gaze of mainsteam media and earn money which is closer to someone with a good job than the millions of there commercial counterparts. where as a commercial artist will probably have a short shelf life
"I have been buying his records for 15 years, a true underground artist"

"whatever happened to him , last year he was on every tv show , radio station and all the teenage girls had his tee shirt"
by from the heart June 13, 2007
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deep deep hip hop sounds and music. Straight hardcore conscious rap music.
Artist like Kenn Star, Supastition, Freddie Foxxx, krumbsnatcha, Teflon,Akrobatik, Kurious, q-unique.. make undergrounder music cuz.

The "undergrounder", the better {Propz to Clara (Flawless}
by SalamSM October 23, 2007
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underground is like deeper beats, lyrics and soul to a song - commercial is like what get's played on the radio and is marketed to the masses - Britney's mainstream, Eminem is mainstream - even though anyone can make underground music they don't coz it doesn't sell like commercial stuff - underground IS deeper, more hardcore, more controversial, or whatever...
sup the chenist - dust c.d is underground.. you'll know the difference if you know your music...

NB: It isn't underground because it hasn't hit mainstream yet - it's whole design is different to mass appeal.
by TakticOne February 24, 2004
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