A father who takes being the 'fun dad' so far that the role he plays in his children's life is more like an uncle. Do the kids need a trip to the dentist? Do they have homework? What are they having for dinner? He hasn't a clue - but he will occasionally take them out to a ball game. Often a non-custodial parent.
Oh hey, Uncle Dad sent me a birthday email and a $20 gift card to Baskin Robbins. I'm lactose intolerant and it's actually my sister's birthday, but... it's the thought that counts, I guess.
by Mai Ainsel March 7, 2019
An Uncle who stepped in to help raise you because your biological father is a piece of dirt. No incest. No mom-brother sex. Just a great Uncle who helped out.
My Uncle Dad walked me down the aisle, because my real dad is a crap.
by aef1897 June 16, 2017
An Uncle Dad is an ill-educated, likely inbred individual most likely of Southern heritage. They require long, detailed explanations to understand even the simplest of concepts. They are painfully stupid and thick. The copious consumption of homemade libations such as moonshine, white lightning and "apple pie" only serve to kill more brain cells, making the Uncle Dad even more logically impaired and inclined to do stupid things.
Oh, man, that Uncle Dad can't seem to understand the words coming out of my mouth. I'd love to have a video camera when he tries that bass fishing with dynamite thing though.
by elysian69 January 1, 2016
Someone who is usually married to Aunt Mom, and related to cousin Grandma. Incest is usually cited for this phenomenon.
Kid in School: "Man, little Jimmy looks like a mongloid. He has seven fingers and three toes on each of his flipper feet. I hear his family tree doesn't fork."

Girl in school: "That's not funny. His Aunt Mom and Uncle Dad love him very much."
by Ezekiel Calhoun December 3, 2010
You don't want the definition of this. Trust me. If you do, see incest and go figure.
Happy birthday, uncle dad.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
<uhn-kuhl DAAD>

I see that no one seems to explain how someone becomes uncle dad, so I will take the stage. Someone becomes your uncle dad when your dad has sex with his sister (your aunt), producing you in the process. It is that simple. You don't even know if you should call him dad or uncle, so you call him UNCLE DAD.
It was a fine day in Lincoln Park. Joe saw his sister, Meg, was wearing provocative clothing. Before he could control himself, he felt Johnny Wank get excited and start to yell for more. There was only one way to get Johnny Wank to shut the fuck up: bang his sister. His sister was unlikely to comply with this incestuous deed, so he creeped up behind her and smacked her ass real hard. That took her by surprise and then he ripped off her clothes and raped her before she could do anything to stop him. When he was finished he ran away. Later, when Meg gave birth to a boy named Dale, Joe returned. Dale learned to call his male parent Uncle Dad and his female parent Aunt Mom. Life just sucks sometimes.
by Jesus Fuckendoucher September 30, 2011
when both your dad and his brother were fucking your mum at the same time befor you were born.you have no idea who is your real father so they are both uncle-dad.
"uncle-dad i caught uncle-dad in bed with mum again last night"
"i will kick my brothers fucking arse son don't you worry"
by garry good cunt March 31, 2009