3 definitions by Ezekiel Calhoun

An acronym for TWO IN THE SHIRT. Used covertly by perverts.
Kid in Church: "Yo father, that nun got some big tits!!!"

Priest: "Yes my child. That milf has TWO IN THE SHIRT"
by Ezekiel Calhoun November 28, 2010
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Usually married to Uncle Dad, and related to cousin Grandpa. Also could be the victim/result of incest. Homemade hooch in the backwoods of the Ozarks are cited for this phenomenon.
Kid in School: "Holy crap Sarah Belle!! Little flipper footed Jimmy thinks his Mother is Marie Osmond! He is seriously messed up"

Girl in School: "Little Jimmy is crazy.. Come to think of it, his dad is named Donnie!! She could very well be Aunt Mom!!"
by Ezekiel Calhoun December 7, 2010
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Someone who is usually married to Aunt Mom, and related to cousin Grandma. Incest is usually cited for this phenomenon.
Kid in School: "Man, little Jimmy looks like a mongloid. He has seven fingers and three toes on each of his flipper feet. I hear his family tree doesn't fork."

Girl in school: "That's not funny. His Aunt Mom and Uncle Dad love him very much."
by Ezekiel Calhoun December 3, 2010
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