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a person who cannot be placed into a relationship due to their personal choice. See the Magnetic Fields song, "All My Little Words"
You told be that you're unboyfriendable. And I could make you pay and pay, but I could never make you stay.- The Magnetic Fields
by Shakranit September 14, 2011
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While being able to attract men, the inability to keep them as a boyfriend.
Even though Tara likes Sam she couldn't help but antagonize him and treat him in such a way that makes their relationship impossible. With this behavior, she is definitely "unboyfriendable".
by lynnpd99 February 28, 2009
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A term used for a male (boy,guy,man,nigga,dog,pretty,sexy) you may have feelings for, but is unboyfriendable because of the following: bitchassness, wanksterism, and tomfoolery.
Kristi: That nigga is such a wankster ass!

Sonya: I know right he don't know what the hell he wants.

Alexis: He is for damn sure unboyfriendable!
by S Blade December 20, 2010
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