Sonya means a pretty, perfect, curvy, sexy, always happy, kind, precious, amazing, peng girl. If you see a Sonya beware she is a savage and a bad ass bitch , but at times she is kind hearted. Sonya's are good in bed. Sonya's are one in a million, with their one million dollar smile they charm and bless everyone they are naughty in their own ways and a Sonya will always have your back and care for you. SONYAS ARE WIFEY MATERIAL (if you see one wife one) , She is also the most beautiful girl , or even sight your eyes will ever see . If you see a Sonya whilst she is young watch her have a huge glow up, so hold on to her tight otherwise you will very much regret it. Sonya looks down on herself thinking she is , ugly, stupid and anything negative though she is none of the above . If you ever meet a Sonya do anything possible to bring her in your arms . Never let her go , keep her warm at night , and treat her like what she is , the best girl in the world. Never let her go . I love Sonya and hope one day I will be blessed enough to be with her. IF YOU HAVE SONYA YOU ARE BLESSED FOR LIFE.
MAN 1 : "OMG, guess who i saw!"
MAN 2 : "OMG, you saw Sonya!"
MAN 3 : "WHAT! you are blessed!"
MAN 1 : "She"s mine back off!"
by TheBestNameDefinitions July 1, 2018
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Sonya is the most prettiest, nicest, most amazing, smartest girl you'll ever know . She is a great friend and always has a smile on her face. The best thing about Sonya is her laugh. Overall she is a great person to be around and has many friends.
Person 1: ''Sonya is so funny. I wish I was her friend.''
Person 2: ''I am her friends and it's awesome.''
by spicychickennugget123 August 21, 2019
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Sonya is a girl who is outgoing, a great and loyal friend. She is a natural leader as well as a extremely intelligent person,in addition she is a great athlete and has natural beauty.
Wow! Sonya is so amazing . She is the coolest
by da.goat129 March 15, 2017
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Sonya is kind, loyal and protective towards her friend. She is really into fandoms and can be scary when you messes with her and her closest friends. Sonya is also straight foward. She glares and walks away to stuffs when people asks something that wastes her time or what she isn't interested in. When it comes to sports, Sonya is an awesome girl that loves to run. She love doing art and is really tough. She hides stuff when she gets hurt so her friends don't worry, she also tends not to cry. Be careful because she is pretty strong!
Person 1: Sonya, do you wanna be friends?
Person 2: No, you are no fit for her!
*starts an argue*
Sonya glares away
by SupitzMichelle :) July 7, 2018
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Lucky kid: heyyy
Sonya: heyyy
Lucky kid: your beautiful

Sonya: uwu
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Awesome girl whos really into fandoms and very loyal and protective freind.Dont make her angry though because she can hold a grudge.
Person 1 "Hi sahn-yah"
Person 2 "Its SOn-yuh."
Person 1 " Oh like shonya!"
Sonya just glares.
by sparklz009 September 15, 2014
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A confident, outgoing and sexy woman. Sonyas are warm, humorous and bright. Sonyas always have a twinkle in their eye and know the best dirty jokes. Sonyas love adventure and know how to have a good time.
"Wow, what an interesting woman, she's a real (Sonya)".
by .....;) January 18, 2009
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