A common individual that is common to not speak often and is usually stereotyped to be Emo and depressed
"Damn, Charlie is quite the UnSPoKen fellow."
by Pop Tart Thief November 27, 2020
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Random gay dude you met on discord that doesn’t talk
Bitch stop being an Unspoken
by Quandale Chingle December 11, 2022
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The act of only using your looks In order to get females.
I walked pass that female and she just fell in love with me, man. And then, I unlocked the True form of the Unspoken Rizz.
by Wock hardd September 30, 2021
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When you can pull girls without talking because of your looks
“…” -you

*girl removes clothes*

This guy has Unspoken Rizz” -your friend
by Got2BCoolest May 29, 2022
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When two people like each other but never say it.
Tyler and Maria had an unspoken thing, maybe one day they'll say the truth.
by Tyler Reddington July 26, 2017
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The ability to attract and pull females based on your looks

Used and mastered by Duke Dennis
Kai: Yo that girl was on your body heavy what did you do?

Duke: Idk bro I just looked at her

Kai: Damn you must have unspoken rizz
by Ezzlexx April 23, 2022
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Unspoken rizz is an intimate enchanting energy expressed by a male to swoon a female without saying a word. A man who has a high level of Rizz can utilize it to his advantage to attain and dampen the female pussy.

**Male across the bar Rizzes Female**
**Female finishes in her pants**
Friend number 1 "Hey do you know where Sandy (male) went"
Friend number 2 "He used his unspoken rizz to pull some 10/10"
Friend number 1 "No surprises there. Classic Sandy, he is so good like that"
by DeathWizard420 November 13, 2022
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