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Umbreon; The Moonlight Pokemon.

Name of Origin:

Umbra/Umbral; (Latin: "shadow")
Adumbration; n :{ A sketchy, imperfect, or faint representation}
Umbreon stands for;
-Immeasurable Darkness,,
-Forever Night,,
-Empyreal Apparition,,

Umbreon is a quadruped which portrays physical features similar to that of a fox. It has short black fur, with several rings situated on its legs; forelegs; tail; ears; and forehead; which glow depending on one of several different reasons.

The rings on an Umbreon's Body glow almost always;
- During the night, The intensity of light radiated is dependable on the current phase of the moon - in it's cycle.
- The level of emotion: hste, enjoyment, love, fear, ect.
- The perpetual bond held towards its mate, or trainer.
- Prior, and following up to the launch of a surprise attack. (Perceptibly a form of ambush).

Umbreon's eyes consist of an indistinct tincture of blue/green (With some exceptions of brown). Their pupils are black, and they have s red sclera. An Umbreon's eyes have a quaint feel; capable of bringing about a fervent, alluring mystique; Yet, subject to invoking a disquieting of angst, and despair.

Like its fellow eeveelutions, Umbreon bears a slight feline resemblance. although not quite as much so as its relatives.

Being a darkness/Moonlight pokémon, Umbreon tends to avoid Daylight; Forcing it to walk during the day can cause it severe distress - or to contract "Day fatigue."

Another fact about Umbreon is that it has the unique ability to secrete poisonous toxins from its pores when agitated. While some may well know about this little given attribute, those who don't are in for a nasty surprise the next time they piss off this little sweetheart.

Day Fatigue:
The body contracts a thermic fever and is rendered near-useless; In this state Umbreon can barely walk, let alone move. As an Umbreon radiates heat through the rings on its ears, These rings now become a lucid, pale orange-red color, dilated veins are also made visible.

Base Stats:
HP: 95
Attack: 65
Defense: 110
S.Atk: 60
S.Def: 130*
Speed: 65

Umbreon takes additional damage from "Fighting" and "Bug" type attacks.
Umbreon takes reduced damage from "Dark" and "Ghost" type attacks.
Umbreon is Immune to "Psychic" type attacks.

Everything else dealing jack shit damage.

I could write more, but you wouldn't want to read it.
Where darkness shines,
And moonlight falls..
by Umbreon_Lover October 28, 2007
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Umbreon has a great advantage against psychic Pokemon but has a great disadvantage against fighting Pokemon. Unlike espeon, it's more like a fox type Pokemon.
If you want eevee to evolve into this, train it at night. It must always win in battles and gain experience points ONLY at night to evolve into an Umbreon.
by none October 12, 2003
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Umbreon is a dark-type pokemon who evolves from eevee as a result of exposure to moonlight. Like all eeveelutions, it bears a slight feline resemblance; though the only feline characteristics umbreon has is it's short muzzle and small head. Unlike Espeon, who greatly resembles a feline with its slender legs and long cat-like tail; Neither of which have retractable claws.

Umbreon resembles that of a Canine/Vulpine more than it does a Feline, with its broader legs and long bushy tail; Umbreon weighs far less than Mightyena, who is a wolf, hence Umbreon would be a smaller member of the canine family.

Glaceon is also based on a Fox (Alopex Lagopus), with the same small, feline-line head that the other 6 eeveelutions seem to share. The arctic fox is slightly smaller than others of the Vulpes family, as it is slightly smaller than Umbreon.
Umbreon: You won't know it's there until it's too late.
by Felii July 06, 2010
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Umbreon is based on a black cat (BAD Luck) meaning its a dark type. It's not a fox because It has no traits of a fox.

People are blinded by it. Ihni why lol.

also Nintendo confirmed them to be felines (Espeon and umbreon) in Nintendo Power in 2002.
Umbreon is a Moon Pokemon and evolves from Eevee
happiness in the night time.
It is toxic.
by Espeon January 19, 2010
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cute huggable cuddly amazing pokemon you would love to keep as a pet
i want a umbreon because its very cute.
via giphy
by nyannico September 28, 2017
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