A school teacher that enjoys touching children.

Characterised by shark looking features and a bald head.
Student 1: Who’s that man over there with the shiny head?
Student 2: I don’t know but he looks like an Ullah to me.
by ChazT7 November 25, 2019
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he so hood, he dont even need no sweater.

also, he keeps it gangsta, 25/8. so gangsta he extends the week.

to be around ullah causes one to feel excessively fly, and their style will totally be pimpin.
"yo ullah what up"

"keepin it real, son. thas how i do."
by chriskar April 19, 2008
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one of the most beautiful and wonderful women ive met, big respect going out 2 ya

<3 u loads

u know who i am :D
zoe is my biatch, fuck with her and ill chop u like a piece of chicken...
by rahul nahar April 27, 2005
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Actual Meaning: He to whom GOD has Talked.

Wrong Meaning: He who talk to GOD
MOSAS(MUSA) Kaleem-Allah
Kaleem Ullah is Born to Lead.
Adoring person is also known as Kaleem Ullah
by lukyboy September 27, 2012
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Ullah Mullahs are a form of Groveling that one (or more) person makes another person do. it involves the unfortunate person getting on his or her knees and preforming a highly amusing and embarassing form of tribal worship to the other person/s.

A funny alternative to kicking the crap out of someone would be to get them to give you Ullah Mullahs
Jimmy had not payed Jason the money he owed him for over a week, for this Jason and his boys made Jimmy give him Ullah Mullahs on the high street in front of hundreds of people then demanded the money within the week.

by Jason Pendlebury February 13, 2007
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used to describe a girl/guy that gives great oral sex (head,the bop,or brain) Derived from the word medula because the medula is in the brain and the girl gives brain.
Mia gave mad ullah to Dantrell on the bus.
She also gave it to Austin and her supposed "brother" Jeff.
by Lil_jboog_91 May 30, 2007
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used to describe a person that gives great oral sex. Mad ullah because medula is in the brain and the girl gives brain
Mia gives mad ullah to everybody
by Lil_jboog_91 June 01, 2007
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