1. a person who is from Ukraine.
2. the first definition to be spelled right its Ukrainian not Ukranian.
look at that new girl over there, i head that she is Ukrainian.
by disco_lemonade May 16, 2004
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A well mannered, easy going, smart, funny person from Ukraine, the biggest country in Europe.
Ukie boys are handsome, strong, smart, and very sexy. Ukie girls are one of the most naturally beautiful girls in the world.

Ukrainians love soccer, gymnastics, music, dancing, having fun, and eating good homemade food. They are very fit people and they are very proud of their heritage and usually do not like Russians who stole most of the Ukrainian culture.
Is he Russian?
No you idiot, he's Ukrainian!
I love Ukrainians!!!
by sexy ukiie August 31, 2008
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A man from ukrainian descent, that was not struck by ghenghis khan and his samll penised army. Thus, making that mans penis very large.
People who were raped by ghenghis khans army, are now known as russians, who have normal sized penises.

DO NOT FORGET. Ukrainians have the biggest penis ever, even more the black people's penis.
Look at ukrainian Yuri, he has a huge penis!
by Shamen & Goozie August 30, 2006
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A man/woman/something from Ukraine. Either consists of the Western or Common (found in Central, Eastern, and Southern Ukraine) variety. The main difference between the two being that the Westerners ("zapadensi") perpetually have 'patriotism sticks' shoved far up their anuses. They are rabid xenophobic nationalists and won't hesitate to lecture you on just how culturally different they are from Russians, and how they are, in fact, superior to their 'Eastern oppressors'. Moreover, if their ego is particularly inflated, they'll go on about how Ukrainian culture/history is the richest in the world (not failing to shove 'Kievan Rus' down your throat), etc, etc. All of which being quite baloney.

The Common type however, (not really represented on Urban Dictionary) can either identify as Ukrainian or Russian (speaking both languages freely), though being typically pretty easy going either way. Otherwise, Ukrainians are your regular ol' Slavs.

The antics of these anarchist protesters in Kiev, and loud-mouthed Western Ukrainians in general, gives the rest of the world a warped, and untrue view of what Ukrainians are like.
"Vitya and myself went to Mukachevo a few years back, and since we were speaking Russian (common in Odessa), the tour guides told us it was best to switch to Ukrainian, or risk getting angry looks and being heckled."
by Most of Ukraine January 26, 2014
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Someone from Ukraine, or of Ukrainian descent. Usually stands at an above average height, but many are known to be quite enormous (e.g. Klitschko's).
A true Ukrainian speaks his native tongue and knows how to dance. We tend to stay out of world affairs, because we have enough of our own problems with Moscals breathing down our necks.
Some Ukrainians usually tend to dislike Russians, because of the history and culture they have stolen from us and accredited to themselves, even our native dish called Borsch!
In all they are fine people who are easy to be friends with.
Ukrainians colonized them during the ages of Kievan Rus.

Colonized who?

by Stepan Bandera April 19, 2008
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People that are so bad at driving, and most likely to cause a crash because of their driving skills.
"That person drives like a Ukrainian"
"I hate those people.."
by BigBoiThiccBoi October 16, 2019
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A russian who claims that he is not russian, and hates russia so much he will never come the terms with the fact that he is, actually, a russian.
-Dude, that guys russian.
-Don't say that around him, he prefers to be called "ukrainian"
by everyone thats not russian January 24, 2011
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