'Ugo'; Igbo for Eagle, Wealth and a host of other things is strong. Usually the pride of the family. Possesses leadership qualities. Ugo is adventurous, a goal getter and strong willed.
by Okrr! February 5, 2020
Irresistable. He is attractive by the way he shows confidence. He's mysterious, doesn't open up quickly. He'll let you discover him little by little. Someone that is down to earth. Loves nature. Bold. Yet has a sweetness and an incredible fun and playfull side. His wall is up. Acts unavailable... yet its just a front he puts up. If you can see past his reserved nature - you find a kind hearted guy that's just afraid of finding love again in fear of getting hurt.

*Let his heart find its way to yours ;)
Ugo! Jle comprends pas! ;)
by Jolie D. ;) haha February 6, 2010
N. (Ugg-Oh)

A person who is of overwhelming ugliness. An Uggo is normally also stupid, but it is not vital.
One : Whoa, that guy's head is all weird lookin'!
Two : Yeah, what a total Ugo!
Look at that lil UGO with Beyonce
by SolangeFan101 November 19, 2019
Its is a term used to describe specifically girls aged 14-18, its is calling them ugly in an extremely comic fashion. But most of the time they dont understand what it meens.
Nat: Yeh that ginger girls a right Ugo
Chris: Ugo?
Ginger girl: whats that?
Chris: I dunno Nat said it.
Nat:errr...umm everyone with a fanny's gotto leave now
by Luke Harris August 7, 2006
Ugo, is known as a player. He will tell you what you want to hear in order to get his way. Be carefull you not fall in his trap.
Can you beleive Ugo dated more then 6 girls at a time!! What a selfish Prick!!!
by Karma what goes around.... April 11, 2010