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A word that gives flavor to a "Ghetto" sentence.
Look at that ugla lil boy.
Boy #1: Damn that nigga lips hella crusty.
Boy#2: I know he a ugla hoe.
by Drew Face May 27, 2017
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One who has unattractive physical attributes.
1. An unpleasant person or scene.
2. Tobias Lamont Cole
1. Tobias: Get yoooo guly biscuit headd havinnn. dudee
Justin: shut up youu uglaaa
by Justin Yantawood April 26, 2008
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ugly, annoying, and fat when referring to a dumb ass hoeeeeeee.
God I hate her , she is so fucking ugla.
by theofficialnamer November 20, 2016
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1. An unattractive, unappealing female. See also uglo.
2. Used as an insult when a female is being rude.
Mom: You're grounded from your phone.
Me: Ok Ugla!
by sallaD:^) February 06, 2010
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