Popularly known as Ugandan Knuckles, it is one of the first popular memes of 2018, where characters as Knuckles with flawless and sexy modelling call each other bruddas, click their tongues, respect on queens, hate Zimbabwe, show da wae, and spit on fake queens who don't know da wae. This usually happens in VRChat, and in-game you'll usually see almost everyone as one.
stumbled upon a couple of ugandan warriors in vrchat today, and left with bled ears from the loudness of kloks
by quackbarc January 10, 2018
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A valiant but noble enchilada hailing from the tribe of de wae. These can be seen in groups (clicccs) and can be easily identified by their native tounge of clicks. These clicks are mere noise to the untrained and unworthy ears, for many of these warriors speak you must "kno de wae" to truely grasp the grander scale of their language and culture. No mere mortal with their dirty ears and close sighted eyes could ever truely know the way quite like a Ugandan warrior. To reach enlightenment, you must kno de wae bruddah.
Today i talked with a ugandan warrior on vrchat. It was an experience i'll never forget.
by Flag-narok January 8, 2018
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The ones who "no da wae" sometimes spelled "whey" usually led by a queen and attack others by spitting on the ones who don't.
Those men over there are the infamous Ugandan Warriors
by TIJacket January 9, 2018
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