A Japanese phrase tacked onto the end of sentences for emphasis and cute effect. Sometimes appears as "na no da," which has the same meaning. Made popular by the character Chichiri in the anime and manga Fushigi Yûgi, who uses it liberally. It is usually translated as "you know."
Yû Watase is my favorite mangaka, na no da.
by Stephanie M. October 25, 2003
the hispanic-slang version of "that's is it"
"oh nigga you from Westchesta? das IT"
"you go to college n shit? das IT"
by riri & chichi October 14, 2011
1. (russian) Yes
2. (slang) The
by Jules February 26, 2005
dead ass. like really legit. super literal. not made up. at all. when you wanna add an extra word to a sentence to make it stand out more. prounounced "duh". although it is mostly used when typing.
We da just got chased by the police.
by slangterms101 June 16, 2017
can basically mean anything.
1: russian for yes.
2: slang for "the"
3: deviantart, an art website
4: different anon.
5: dumbass
6: deadass
1st def
are you serious?
2nd def
that was da bomb bro
3rd def
yeah, i have a da account!
4th def
no, it was a da.
5th def
bro u are such a da
6th def
i am da crying rn
by actuallyuwuwded July 23, 2019
Of Turkish-Italian origin. Exists exclusively and synchronistically with Ta-Da.
Da-Da is not blind - It sees more and not less,
but because it sees more it is willing to see less.
by Da-Da May 3, 2005