7 definitions by Red Barron 8810

When some this is beyond good that it can not be described with basic words such as good or even delicious
"Do you like my pie?"
by Red Barron 8810 June 19, 2017
this person has no control over what comes out of his or her mouth at any given time.
"Did you see tom yesterday?"
"Nah I was at home."
"Good for you because he was as white as vanilla ice cream"
"Boi that's rude, your such a bindelsniff"
by Red Barron 8810 June 19, 2017
Since we do not want to assume genders such as the words Boi or Gurl, we combined the two as to not assume...
"Welp I just dropped out of college after being robbed by my grandma..."
"Birl "
by Red Barron 8810 June 19, 2017
This is a person who is a person,, this person is usually a tall white male who doesn't realize his neck hair is migrating down his back.
Seth Cason is my friend
by Red Barron 8810 June 18, 2017
When you "sit" on a persons social media page and wait for a new post to come up so you can like and comment it.
"I'm waiting for jimmy to post another one from his vacation..."
"Cyber squatting is just creepy dude."
by Red Barron 8810 June 19, 2017
He is quite forgetful and is unaware of obvious things around him. Thou he is a good guy, he won’t hesitate to throw shade if necessary
“Your acting just like Mitchell Evans.”
by Red Barron 8810 January 15, 2018