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Same Gender Attraction, used as a shorthand for lesbian, gay, bi, and pan people to refer to their attraction to their own gender.
LGBT is a coalition between people who experience either SGA or do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.
by A Shitty Bear June 17, 2016
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After they cancelled SG-1, many people switched to SGA because Amanda Tapping would join the cast for a season.
by Jafje May 30, 2007
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Abbreviation for, Soul Glow Activatur, lead singer of crunk rock band, Family Force 5. (Soul Glow Activatur: also known as Solomon Jerome Olds)
"Hey, SGA, I loved that one thing you said in the Really Real Show!"
by WDFF5 May 01, 2010
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- Does your life revolve around the sport you play?

- Are you obsessed with your looks?

- Are you a strict conformist?

- Do you model your life after those portrayed on MTV shows?

- Are you extremely cliquey?

- Are you promiscuous?

- Are you a homophobe?

- Do you possess a superiority complex?

- Are you willfully ignorant?

- Are you a proud alcoholic?

If you've answered 'yes' to four or more of the questions above, then SGA is the place for you! Sign up now and enjoy a 90-minute free period every other day and get easy 'leadership' credit for governing and accomplishing nothing!
Typical SGA student's schedule:

Monday-Friday: attend school solely to engage in stupidity with fellow SGA buddies, attend football/baseball practice.

Saturday-Sunday: attend parties to get intoxicated and engage in promiscuous sex.
by StartsWithW December 20, 2009
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Second Generation Asshole (t-head, yung quis, rod-c and more)

The first generation is ABN (asshole by nature) (trae, lil boss, jay´ton and more)
did you heared abn?
sure, and sga too
by HICEone November 30, 2009
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used on ebay for "stadium giveaways". giveaways from sporting events.
by Mike Wong May 18, 2005
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