A country that thinks its bigger than its boots and in a state of denial what the World really thinks of them.
50%radical Evangelical nuts.
50% semi smart people who should of moved to Canada after George Bush was re elected for the 2nd time..
Doesen't use the Metric System unlike Canada and the rest of the modern world.It still uses the completely backward Imperial System Gallons,Ounces,Quarts..Ahh Duh get onboard with the rest of the world. No,wait it's the USA ! We do what we want to do,were Americans dammit!

The USA uses Ferenheit instead of the global standard form of Celsius and thinks Canada is a backwards country even though it is rated as one of the best 3 countries in the world to live in for it's high standard of livingUnited Nations Report,low crime,Unlimited health care for rich and poor,Beautiful French Canadian Women,2 offical languages,Liberal politics and Non Aggresive attitude.

The USA got the shit kicked out of them at the World Cup of Rugby Qualifier by Canada 51-7.Canada regulary beats them at most Team Played International sports,except for Soccer Usually very close gamesand ,Basketball.
Play a real sport like Rugby,Take your Gay pads off and your skin tight nickers and come out and run for 90 Minutes.

The USA also suck at Cricket and Never quaified for the A country thats Average at Ice Hockey and have a bunch of old players that will soon be hanging up their skates for good.

The Best Basketball player in the N.B.A is a White Canadian Man named Steve Nash.He is very anti George Bush and has been named the MVP for the past 2 years running and might even 3peet.

The USA doesen't spell properly either: neighbor,color just to name a few. They say ERB instead of Herd,Ruff instead of Roof and possess really loud annoying accents that most Canadians,Australians,Kiwis,South Africans,Irish,British find extremely loud and annoying..Hey Bryan here come a bunch of Yanks! There all wearing really un fashionable clothing like white running shoes,flowered shirts and display some of the Largest stomachs known to man.

A country were they elected George Bush as president,TWICE and then made excuses..AHH Butt..

A country that was involved in the attack of there own World Trade Centre Bombing,its quite obvious by the reports.

A country that loves GUNS,GANGS,SLAVERY,KKK, Racism towards its Mexican immigrants and still refers to Black Americans as African Americans,There Americans you idiots!
A country that has gone to war with nearly every poor nation on the planet including a couple of rich middle eastern countries.Many of the wars were lost,Vietnam,Iraq etc..The list goes on..What a great country to be proud of !

Thats the USA in a nutshell...
by Mark Powell March 27, 2007
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A country that constantly refers to itself as "the best" while 45,000 of its citizens will die annually from lack of proper healthcare, thousands of its citizens die at the hands of its law enforcement, millions of its children go to school hungry and go to bed hungry, twenty of its veterans commit suicide daily, and millions of its citizens are forced to sleep under bridges and on park benches nightly.

The U.S. has a lot of problems that it MUST address if it wishes to remain an influential superpower after the 21st century.
The USA is a wonderful country with loving people, but it has a lot of problems that cause unnecessary suffering.
by Super Thicc February 19, 2017
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A place where whiny Brits complain about every aspect of its existence. However, when the Euro-Dorks need some assistance, who do you think they call? (AKA The Marshall Plan)

The Brits complain about American imperialism, but did the they forget about their own colonies:

The US, Canada, India, IRAQ, Bahamas, Barbados, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kuwait, Cyprus, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Americans are fat: How's that year long crappy weather, and the ensuing depression and suicidal tendencies it causes?
...and don't get me started on the French
Brits: Screw those Yankee racist blokes!!! USA sucks!!!

American: How was having the worlds greatest navy, and still not being able to beat a bunch of inexperienced soldiers.
by NCSU_Wolfpack June 18, 2011
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A country with problems, although is still the greatest country that has, does, or will ever exist. Bashed by jealous and ignorant European democratic socialists (aka really sneaky communists and people who dont want to work) as well as obnoxious American liberals who became whiney idiots in 10th grade because they were picked on and now have a grudge against the established world. A country whose current president and his predecessor have and had potential but failed quite thouroughly to govern the country. A country that is facing great difficulties and challenges but will persist and thrive no matter what gets thrown at it. The USA is the greatest country in the world.
The USA is nowhere near perfect but is nevertheless by far the greatest country in existance.
by I Wear One Sock May 06, 2010
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country located in the western hemisphere. it is the country all other countries wish the could be like! our constitution kicks ass and people in other countries wish they had brains to think of it first so they go on urban dictionary and smash USA because they are jealous their country sucks ass! USA rocks at the olympics and owns football!! hell yea!! and we can stick it to every other country and the sports that they invited and do it ten times better. we work...unlike other countries...we are smart ..unlike other countries...and we have no reason to to creat hurtful definitions of other countries because we arent jealous. our country has accomplished more than many well established countries such as france, britain and etc. we help other countries, even those who hate us, when they are hurting from natural disasters and terrorist attacks. our military rocks and the people are for the most part genuinely kind and accepting. i ventured into other countries and none of which are as diverse in their terrain and in their people!! USA USA USA !! suck it dicks!!
hey did you see Michael Phelps on the USA team!! Damn he's good!! Those Americans are Freakin Beast at everything!

"we the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice in sure domestic tranquility! provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosterity! do ordain and establish this constitution for the United Staes of America" - all by memory bitches... if you dont like america ...GET OUT!! WE DON'T NEED YOU OR WANT YOU ANYWAYS AND YOU CAN SUCK A COCK IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!!
by americanlover March 01, 2010
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"I want to bash the USA. It's a good thing they made the internet, or I would have nowhere to post my ignorant comments."
by Scoomdot November 05, 2005
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