University of Massachusetts. "UMass" most likely refers to the largest and most popular Amherst campus.

Also may be refered to as "ZooMass."
Hey, did you hear about that kid from UMass? He got drunk and fell off his hotel balcony! He's in a coma!
by Mike C. December 11, 2003
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Also known as the zoo, where frats are the typical weekend spot (at least for the freshmen) and parties happen everynight, some even starting at noon. Umass loves its violence too, what other campus has had a 15 year old kid stab a student in the head with a screwdriver.
Hey lets go to UMass and get shit-faced... ok.
by Laroche April 13, 2006
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A bunch of fiscally wise teenagers just trying to get their bachelors done. Lovely views of construction and piles of dirt are everywhere. The school is in a loooot of debt. Pretty campus center tho
by Umblady April 28, 2017
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The Zoo is a large city located in the center of a small town known to society as Amherst, Mass. This town would not other wise be known if it wasn't for the school. UMass Amherst is a place in which New Amsterdam may be rivaled in terms of the amount of ganja that circulates through the campus, especially in Central. Kids pregame harder than most kids party and parties are bigger on a Monday night than they would be at any other school on any given Friday or Saturday night. This is the 7th party school in the nation and the most violent. Our pride for the Red Sox is so strong that we are willing to flip over cars to demonstrate the love we have for our team and our alcohol consumption may lead to problems later in life. But hell, we're young.
Person 1: What did you do last weekend?
Student: I think I was at UMass Amherst. I don't remember. I was wasted.
by Squints2 May 2, 2007
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A Massachusetts public institution of higher learning located in the middle of nowhere aka Amherst, Massachusetts. The location leads to the insane amount of partying that occurs, since there is nothing better to do. For the academic year of 2005-2006, UMass Amherst (Also known as Zoomass or Zoomass-Slamherst) was rated by the Princeton Review as the #9 party school in the country. ABC also rated it the most violent campus in the nation, but this was based on skewed numbers and outdated facts. UMass is home to Sylvan Residence Area, rated as one of the most sexually active campus residences in the country. Despite this, and noted Sylvanites such as Frank Black of the Pixies, Sylvan tends to be the last choice for residence for all incoming and current students due to its distance from the parties and campus center. UMass is home to world-reknowned Polymer studies and Linguistics programs, and the Isenberg School of Management rates among many Ivy League business schools as the best in the country. The most popular majors are Biological and Physical Sciences, Communications, and Psychology. It has an undergraduate enrollment of over 18,000 and is growing larger by the year.
Well, I got into all the schools I applied to, but I can only afford UMass Amherst.

(Typical example of the plight of college students.)
by Pucci February 28, 2006
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1) the # 9 party and #1 most violent school in america; 2)you've never heard of so many joints smoked or bottles emptied in just one single 10x12 (if you're lucky) room; 3)the only place you will find a friend who lives across campus who wants to order a pizza with you at 3am on a tuesday night, but the pizza will get to you before your friend because you're so far away.
everyone at umass amherst: drinks, smokes, sleeps either all day, or not at all, has red sox/patriots pride and if not they don't represent out of fear.
"what school do you go to?"
"umass amherst"
"oh jesus, how's your liver?"
by Ra`chelle April 5, 2006
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- a college in lowell, ma specializing in engineering, esp plastics engineering
There are mad indians in Umass Lowell, Ball Hall smells like coconut oil.
by shady guju August 24, 2005
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