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- a college in lowell, ma specializing in engineering, esp plastics engineering
There are mad indians in Umass Lowell, Ball Hall smells like coconut oil.
by shady guju August 24, 2005

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- to perform when most needed, to come back from losing to win because of one persons surprise excellence.
All of a sudden they threw the football to the 10 year old and he ran all the way to the endzone, kid pulled through in the clutch.
by shady guju August 25, 2005

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(n) - The vagina, not to be confused with the asshole
That hole between her legs? tis the fucking hole
by shady guju August 19, 2005

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(proper noun)
Synonymous with "Goddess Within"
She's nice, but she's no Ganga.
by shady guju August 02, 2005

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noun - urinal, bathroom, toilet
Yo, i gotta go to the wiz box
by shady guju July 22, 2005

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