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UFHC - Unfit For Human Consumption. The term was originally applied for meat or other foodstuffs destined for the pet food industry. Its use has now been expanded so that it is applied to persons (male or female) who are truly repulsive and whose presence makes your skin crawl.
Hey, that asshole Georgie is hittin' on Julie again!
Oh man! That guy is really creepy! Totally UFHC
by Croatalin November 23, 2013
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UFHC stands for Unfit for Human Consumption and means just that. In the UK it became well known during World War II where all foodstuffs had to be used and those unfit for human consumption were used as animal feed. It was also at this time that its use expanded and it was applied to those people who are truly disgusting and whose habits appearance and presence make you want to vomit.
That Malcolm is disgusting, scratching his fat arsehole inside his pants then cleaning his nails with his teeth. Totally UFHC.
by AKACroatalin March 24, 2017
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