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Un-cut cock

Uncircumcised penis, as in Willam and Rhea Litré's song U.C.C.
Give me that UCC
by Draglingo February 02, 2017
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UCC: (UnControllable chuckle) When you are in a room by yourself and something audible comes out of your mouth after reading a joke via text, or email. This is a new way to say LOL because lets face it LOL is ANNOYING. How many people sit in front of their computer and Laugh hysterically everytime you send them a message.
Kevin: Dude I can't believe he peed his pants, HE'S IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Carl: UCC dude I actually couldn't help but just laugh at that.

Kevin: what an idiot UCC.
by Kevin Drumsalot December 11, 2009
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(V) To troll, usually about another individual being a Brony or having another kind of affinity to another fandom. (N) A person who loves to play around and forget about the consequences, either a liar or an internet troll.

1. Hey, wanna ucc?, 2. today I got uccd

Girl 1 Omg this ucc is so annoying, he got me banned on a Minecraft server
Girl 2 yeah his debates are stupid, but man that voice...
Girl 1 yes no one has a voice like that
Girl 3 wait why am I being uccd

Boy 1: dear god ucc's really can't see when it is time to stop
Girl 4: yes ucc's cause a lot of trouble, I ran into an ucc on Minecraft once
Boy 1: oh my god I know right!, a while ago an ucc spawned some saucers above one of my Minecraft builds...

Mom to child: Don't be such an ucc!
by ThomasAAnderson January 20, 2019
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University College Cork, one of the finest universities in the Republic of Ireland.
I study at UCC. It's great craic.
by Dr. Funkenstein January 26, 2005
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An acronym for: "You Crave Cock"

Used when referring to a rich male who thinks he is classy, when really he is just acting gay, hence craving cock.

The acronym was derived from a private high-school in Toronto where several cases of student molestation by teachers occured as well as consentual male sex. The school's name was UCC or Upper Canada College. After the school closed due to this constant outrageous conduct, the acronym was changed to mean "You Crave Cock". The term, UCC is now in common slang useage in the province of Ontario, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.
That homosexual WASP lives in Forest Hill and thinks he is better than everyone else. He's so UCC!
by Steven Brinks December 03, 2006
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