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Just about the most expensive place to live in Canada.
Forest Hill is the land of shiny Jaguars and the old people driving them.
by col337 April 28, 2005
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It's not all buhars and drug stores, infact forest hills offers a wide variety of trees and bus stops. Forest Hills, founded in 1875 by Sir. Mr. Dr. Captian. Harold Hills (known by his friends as "that fat guy") Forest Hills was for many years a flourishing community. Then in the early 1990's, the Soviet Union collapsed. Within the hour boats pulled into the foggy docks of Queens Blvd unloading horrible terrors (known by their friends as "buhKarians"). And long story short, that's where babies come from.
Forest Hills reaks of anus.
by Steven Esquire The Third September 23, 2006
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forest hills is the richest place in Queens New York, they girls there are often snobby white girls who wear abercrombie, hollister, uggs, juicy couture and have prada bags, for their 16th birthday they get beemers and throw amazing parties.

they have pin straight hair and wear shit load of makeup.

the houses there start from 1 - 2 million dollers, the town is filled with Mercedes, BMW's , SUVs and audis.

its a very good neighborhood over all
damn she most be from forest hills
by lovelovexz July 11, 2010
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Filled with a whole bunch of snotty rich white girls whose daddy's buy them anything. They think they are the shit because there parents drive nice cars and they can afford any surgery they want to make themselves look perfect. All the girls are backstabbers. If you go to forest hillls BEWARE OF THE PLASTICS!
Oh do you know those snotty white girls from forest hills?
Oh you mean Nicole and Katharine?
by pcebiotches December 05, 2011
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The strangest place on earth. Located in NYC, it is full of Bukurrians, and jews. it has a high school, with 4,400 kids. it doesn't have enough room for them all at one time so they have to go in shifts, but most cut school anyway. A lot smoke, and drink, and fight. and don't think that the girls are virgins, no matter what they tell you, they aren't. There is a rich sections of forest hills, that is where all the ass wholes live. they all go to private schools. most forest hills kids dont. it is a middle class, to lower middle class place mainly. it has a lot to do. you can shop, at stores or get hit by a car on Queens Blvd. or eat. it has so many different types of food.
Forest hills is mad G yo! have you heard about that fight!
by julesangle9999999 March 16, 2011
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Everyone that lives in fo'hills is loaded, and you know it. The kids are snobby and their parents get them whatever they want whenever they want. Pretty girls wear the shortest shorts with uggs and guys play sports year round. It's basically the perfect neighborhood! Everyone hangs out on austin street and the wstc and is so cliquey. There is absolutely nothing to do at all but you always end up having the time of your life. You'll know for sure when your in fo'hills!
by fohillskid September 24, 2011
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