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Acronym for Unbelievable Tekkers. Used to describe some with a great amount of skill or technique (Tekkers). Also used by a large clan on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Jordan: Did you see that goal I just scored.
Ben: I wish I could do that, you have UBT.
by TheHotstepper September 09, 2010
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1. An acronym that stands for 'unfuckable butter troll'. Using the acronymous version allows one to denote the unfuckability of someone while in polite society.
Thanks for inviting me to this fancy gala populated with various dignitaries, and also that girl that is trying to get with you is a UBT.

butter troll unfuckable
by DyerStraights June 18, 2009
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Under Ball Tail

can be used to describe the excessive amount of hair growth in the gooch area. There must be long growth around the area (lower back and happy trail) to hint large growth of the gooch (hence the tail.)
Dude Nate, check that guy out! Talk about Teen Wolf, he's probably sporting a U.B.T.!
by RyPep May 18, 2010
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