Your creepy uncle that always seems to want a grope-hug and tells you to sit on his lap. The one everybody feels awkward around ever since he took little Susie under the stairs at last year's family reunion.
Man, Mike seems like a real Uncle Bad Touch. He's pretty creepy.
by Misha Pilsudski December 27, 2011
A person who has acted upon an individual, who is unaware of the means of the situation, with a dirty sexual intension.
"Uncle Bad Touch, Why is your lap So Lumpy?"
by UncleBadTouch April 18, 2006
Creepy person that appears to be a child moletster.
While I was watching the debates I realized that John McCain lurked around the stage like your creepy uncle bad touch.
by Wannawatcho October 15, 2008
A creepy tree farmer who thinks he is a doctor and advertises free rectal exams out of his van
I just got back from my rectal exam with your uncle bad touch
by camping buddy June 1, 2017