Basically means technique. In football, if you cannot control a ball rolling along the floor at 5mph, then you will be deemed to have no tekkers whatsoever.
Billy: Ur tekkers are poor bruv!
Lewis: Sure mine may be shit but so are urs!
Billy: Tru say
by THe MaAn November 15, 2007
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Tekkers basically means technique. If you cannot control a ball rolling at 5mph along the ground, you will be deemed to have no tekkers whatsoever!
Billy: Hey, your tekkers are discusting!
Lewis: I no, but then again yours are shit as well!
Billy: Tru say
by THe MaAn November 14, 2007
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Person A: "My Tekkers is the-"
*punch in the face*
Person B: "No."
by Mr_2018 December 4, 2012
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TEKKERS / Tekker's

The word originated in it's present from in the early 1990's ergo Arcades of London specifically around the game Street Fighter II and then subsequent evolution's of this game.

The word would be used to express 'unknown' complicated, fast and or extraordinary moves, combination of moves, glitches, reflex and overall ability with any given character in the Game - almost exclusively in PvP mode.
WTF? he can air chuck Blanka's roll "mans got some NEXT Tekkers"
by Bone is the Truth March 30, 2016
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Lower form of Idiot. Student at WyoTech that doesn't take education seriously but instead concentrates on performing different acts of jackassery.
"Fucking tekkers. See those asswipes camping out in the impact area at the range?"

"Fucking tekkers drove their truck right in front of me while I was shooting"
by WyoThreeper May 12, 2012
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Tekkers Meaning swag/cool

Origin- Sam and Harry from New Zealand
man those shoes are so tekkers
by V3n0m217 November 24, 2016
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