A girl who gives such an excellent blow job that it's infectious and you'll be addicted to her skills like crack.
She gives such awesome head her name should be Typhoid.
by SpotOn October 21, 2010
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1. Mary Mallon, the first known healthy carrier of typhoid fever, who spread it by working as a cook (typhoid fever is spread through water and food). When health officials tracked her down, she refused to believe she was a carrier, because a. since she was the first known case, she'd never before heard of healthy carriers and b. she did not understand a lot about typhoid fever. She was forcibly quarantined, released after two years on the condition that she wouldn't seek work as a cook again and quarantined again for life after another outbreak was tracked to her working as a cook under a pseudonym. It seems she had taken the job because other household jobs (like doing laundry) she got didn't pay as well and she still didn't believe she could spread the disease.
2. A carrier of any contagious disease who, through ignorance and recalcitrance or callousness, proceeds to take exactly those actions which are likely to cause the highest possible amount of infections in other people.
3. Someone who, analogous to 2, doesn't bother with anti-virus software or firewalls and so quickly gets their computer infected with all manner of computer viruses which then proceed to spread themselves from that computer. Especially if they persist in opening all attachments and not installing anti-virus software even after having been told they should.
1. (no example, real person after which 2 and 3 are named)
2. Mao seems to have been a typhoid Mary, according to accounts by his physician stating he had an STD which caused him little discomfort but which he spread at a rate of one young female follower infected per week.
3. If someone alerts you to a virus mail you sent them, and you do nothing about it, that makes you a typhoid Mary.
by Garnasha May 28, 2010
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Something Lil' Susie always seemed to contract after a full day of hunting and fording on the Oregon Trail.
Dammit! Susie died of typhoid fever while I was off hunting buffalo - better not hunt them too much - or they will get scarce in this area! Dammit!
by Jocko Tittlies September 05, 2005
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Typhoid moron, A person who allows there own stupidity to put others in the path of a harmful or fatal contagious disease.
Because of Typhoid moron's need to have a rally in Tulsa today, six staffers have contracted Corona virus.
by MisanthropyFTW June 20, 2020
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A local Rochester legend. Typhoid Mary lives in East Irondequoit, the "shady" side of town where she infected the majority of the town.
The term is now used to describe a sickly or highly contagious person
Cathy got mono and pulled a Typhoid Mary
by Amar Modi February 05, 2008
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Similar to a Maskhole , It is a male selfish idiot who refuses to wear a mask. But this person believes the Corona Virus is fake or a Government conspiracy; ie they are stupid and or nuts.
"There goes Typhoid Larry, coughing around people. He still thinks Covid-19 is fake."
by Fustilarian July 28, 2020
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A gay male diagnosed with Typhoid Fever.
Tim: “Why does Lewis look so glum?”
Huns: “Ted just rudely called him Typhoid Fairy since his doctor diagnosed him with Typhoid Fever.”
by Chili2 January 09, 2020
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