That Girl You Used To Date But You

- Cheated On Her And She Found And left You
-You Broke Up/Left Her
-You Left her So You Can Be With A Better Girl (A Girl With More Swag, More Ass, More Money, Nasty, Better Style etc.)

But After A While Or After You See The Repercussions Of Your Decision, You Now Realise She Is The One.
Andre: Hey Man, Do You Remember Maya
Kanye: Yeah The girl You Used To Date Before You Started Dating Miley
Andre: I Think I Love Her Man
Kanye: Hey Just Stick With Miley She's a better, she gat more class & Way more ASS Too
Andre: No Man You Just Don't Get It, She's My Type Girl
by LSK Montana May 9, 2015
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Jo one those TTG type girls
by jomofoho September 12, 2020
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A euphemism to describe a girl with an insatiable desire for cock. Paramount is her rash compulsion to explore the filthier aspects of coitus, and inability to maintain sanitary orifices.
When I jammed it in Jane's ass last night, I could feel her melt in to a puddle of pure-ecstasy. She is just a special type of girl.

Now, where is my Zithromax?

(When spoken, 'special' is commonly over-emphasized)
by Charles Forester June 21, 2009
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A way of typing that is comprehensible to only their own race. Teenage girls. Although the word includes teenage girls the age range for the extremely stupid typing is usually 13-16, the "stupid" phase of the teenage girl race.
Teenage Girl on Facebook 1: omg r u srs lol hve 2 nt uze 2 mny ltters

Teenage Girl on Facebook 2 den it hppend . i ws lke wat???

Teenage Girl on Facebook 3: dat is soooooo coooolllll iii cannnnt holllldddd in my excittttmen

Average-Intelligence Person Talking to Average-Intelligence Friend: I can't stand these fucking retarded Teenage Girl Typing Style posts on facebook.
by I hate American girls February 14, 2011
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