Something you say about someone that you wanna FW
Latifa: “girl Wha ya think of him”

Mo’Nique : “ rich ni**a eight figure ahhh That’s my Type
by Qua’Lifriaqui’Sha’Niquia December 24, 2019
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this doesn't mean anything is wrong with you if someone says this too you, your just not the type of person THEY want.

One day you'll find someone and you'll be everything they want.
Your not my type
by Ideklolbutimcoolasf February 23, 2017
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Something someone says to be kind to the person that may be trying to ask them out or for their number, e-mail, etc. instead of saying "no you hideous bastard"
Hideous Bastard:Hey what's up sweet thang can I get your number

Female: I'm sorry but you're not my type
by wardisan April 17, 2007
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"Nice way" of your friends telling you that the girl you hooked up with is not good looking.
Friend 1: So is that chick he hooked up with last night hot?
Friend 2: Let's just say she's not my type.
by The Widge July 22, 2008
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An annoying quote said on the show Love Island by girls initiating that the guy is attractive and their usual type physically.
''Do you like him?''

'' He's my type on paper. He's tall, dark and handsome but I just don't feel a connection with him like he has no chat.''
by doorshagger July 9, 2017
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What someone says when you aren’t the type of person they’re looking for.

If you’re sad because someone said that to you, just remember it could’ve been worse.

I’m sure you’re the type some cute people want out there.
Sorry, but you’re not my type, my dude.”
by kirstennotkristen May 22, 2018
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A phrase said when a guy/girl's appearance matches your preference and you find them attractive. They are exactly what you're looking for looks wise.
"Theo is a 100% my type on paper"
"Yeah he is gorgeous!"
by El-Gee July 25, 2017
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