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Someone from Yorkshire (usually used to mean a Yorkshire lad)

A "Tyke" is also a mongrel dog (which maybe why Tyke is also a Yorkshire dialect word for a Yorkshire Terrier dog), originally it was used by the southerners in the 18th/19th centuries as a derogatory term for Yorkshire folk, who they thought of as uncouth and coarse then it went to being a word Yorkshire folk proudly call themselves, like Geordie or Brummie.

Tyke can also mean a small bairn, especially a mischievous one
"im a lad from York, im a Tyke and proud of it!" - Me
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A derogatory term used to describe a young upstart (male or female). Can be applied to younger family members or cocky buisness aquaintances.
Tatham Oddie is a fukin tyke. When i next see him I'm going to stick his blue-tooth headset up his arse.
by WCID Dave September 29, 2005
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by 1231@ January 27, 2017
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Generally, a somewhat tongue in cheek way of describing a Male to Female transgender person who will only date other Male to Female Transgender persons. From "T"ransgender and Dyke.

Many feel that tykes are fearful of rejection as relationship partners from genetic males and females. They therefore stay in tyke relationships to avoid rejection all together. This of course, leads to low selection of potential partners, and a "small town" gossip/rumor mill among tykes in a given geographic area.

Can also be used as a verb.
(n) "I see Ronalda has dumped Georgina"
"Yeah, Ronalda is together with Joesephine"
"I don't get it...Ronalda's pretty and confident
why doesn't she go out with a GG?"
"She's a tyke"

(v) "I talked with Christopherina..she says she wanted
to date guys since the beginning"

"Then why has she been with Rossandra for the past
few years"

"I think Rossandra tyked her up"
by Angry Little Girl August 08, 2007
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