The word used to replace 'share' in a request to do so with someone.
Sam: ' I just brought a pack of gum'
Matt: ' Nice, wanna go twosies on it yeah? cool.'
by MDWatson June 29, 2008
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To crap. Also, a Deuce. Number Two.
The Todd: "I've got a Doozie of a Twosie!" - Scrubs
by D-Biz October 14, 2006
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N. defecation. Derived from the term number two. Originally used in the sitcom Scrubs.
"I gotta go making twosies."
by Scrubby May 6, 2008
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spar's strong white cider,

sold in bottles of 2 litres, originally for 2 pounds, hence the nickname twosies, often abbreviated in writing to "zz".
"hey benn, you drinking twosies tonight?"
by camelia S October 11, 2007
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v. to need to poop, usually soon.
"Geez Hilty I got a twosie in the bank!"
by Delta Sig December 10, 2007
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When you pull an all-nighter of Halo two online and forget to brush your teeth, resulting in bad horrible breath.

Can also be used with halo 3 if you have an X-box 360
Stan and Justin were up all night playing halo two online.

How do you know that?

They have Halo twosis
by Steve Ph October 22, 2008
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