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1. Black and blue, getting swiftly knocked in the face, being left with visible mark(s).

2. Getting hit and marked as fast as a printer types a single letter.

3. Getting punched for something (that wasn't necessarily that serious) but the mother fucker keeps running their mouth too much. A quick way to shut up that noise.

4. Shutting up someone that says something offensive, commonly known as a spit fire.
"You need to stop coming at me all crazy, you're about to get two toned. I don't have time for that nonsense."

"She got two toned, her face looks purple after one damn punch! Haha, bitch couldn't shut up on that disrespectful shit."

I heard he got two-toned, hit him quickly...thank god it stopped that argument!
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by XianStarr October 07, 2016
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a person that is black and is mixed with two or more races
are u black? no
are u white? no
then what are you?
I am a two toned nigga my dad is black and my mom is white.
by Two toned boy September 09, 2008
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