3 definitions by kelita

1. A piece of poop
2. Someone really mean or stupid
3. A word use to replace a noun when no other word is suitable
1. My buttnuggets are calling, they want to visit the buttnugget hotel.
2. That buttnugget ate the last piece of pizza.
3. Buttnugget! I can't think of an example for this buttnugget.
by kelita October 29, 2003
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The foam part covering the ear piece on headphones. Most used when the part falls off the headphones.
Hey bro, have you seen the muffy? They fell off the headphones/
by kelita October 29, 2003
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The black and white checkered pattern, the symbol for ska music (if you really want to go into it, it represents racial equality) also "2 tone"
The 2 Tone Collection, a really awsome collection of songs all the hits of the ska era.
by kelita September 02, 2004
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