A term used to describe a type Ska music. Also the name of a now defunct label started and run by Jerry Dammers of The Specials.
"The Specials have a great two tone beat"
by FlawlessCowboy July 17, 2005
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The black and white checkered pattern, the symbol for ska music (if you really want to go into it, it represents racial equality) also "2 tone"
The 2 Tone Collection, a really awsome collection of songs all the hits of the ska era.
by kelita September 2, 2004
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caused by staying out in the sun for extensive periods of times while wearing clothes, creating a nice tan to the exposed skin while leaving the unexposed areas extremely pale in comparison.
You should see the two-tone Roger has when he takes off his shirt!
by NeutronTwo July 18, 2010
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A person who has mixed black and white heritage.
Hey man, you see that two-tone chick, Beyonce? Damn, she's hot.
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Someone who goes behind another persons back.
That nigga is two-tone.
by Long Kim Duong February 24, 2004
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A handgun usually of two different colors on the slide and frame.
I'll pull up at your crib and whip out the two tone on your ugly ass if you keep spreading them rumors.
by 2ezpz August 7, 2017
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a person that is black and is mixed with two or more races
are u black? no
are u white? no
then what are you?
I am a two toned nigga my dad is black and my mom is white.
by Two toned boy September 10, 2008
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