This happens when you make a twitter and say to yourself "im not even gonna use this" but then you end up tweeting about every single stupid thing in your life.
It is possible to have a Twitter with out catching the Twitter Syndrome.

But be warned, 4 out of 5 people have Twitter Syndrome.
(Twitter page)

john: i just woke up, hope its a good day!

john: headed off to school bleh ...

john: man i hate math class!

john: yes finally switching classes im going to see her<3

john: cant stop thinking about her<3

by hailysComet April 11, 2010
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When someone sends you a message or IM and it's in a bunch of short abbreviated incomplete sentences that are less than 140 words.
Mike: We have more slides to watch. Waiting for PA room
Lunch won't be til late.

Me: HAHA dude you have Twitter Syndrome.
by rubygal September 23, 2009
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When a good natured guy becomes a total Fuckboy when on Social Media.
Dan: Hey do you know Josh?
Nick: Yeah he's a nice guy but suffers from Fuckboy Twitter Syndrome.
by EndingDestiny February 17, 2015
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A sort of brain deficiency that occurs when you participate in too much Twitter drama. Causes the Twitter user to become divorced from reality and starts reaching in online discussions in order to virtue signal a made up issue, in turn causing everyone around them to get tired of them when they eventually bring made up issues into real life and threaten peace for everyone else whenever there is a laid back discussion that originally didn't include them and now does because they butted in to let everyone know of how righteous they are.
Person 1: So why was that person arguing with you and trying to dox you because of it?
Person 2: Don't know, they kept saying I'm a privileged male because I'm not into hairy women. They simply have Twitter user syndrome.
by kaidrilled December 6, 2022
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The phenomenon where people Tweet and comment about a celebritys death years afterwards as if it just happened.
Tweet: RIP Rue Mcclanahan. I loved you on the Golden Girls.
Reply: dude, she died 5 years ago.
Tweet: sorry. Twitter second death syndrome strikes again.
by coupondad7 July 1, 2015
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The incapability to comprehend pieces of text that exceed the length of a Twitter post. See also: tl;dr
You admitted to having the attention span of a toddler, by stating that this 2 paragraph bit of text was too long for you to read. You have a clear cut case of Twitter syndrome.
by Serpentine Storm March 9, 2019
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