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The incapability to comprehend pieces of text that exceed the length of a Twitter post. See also: tl;dr
You admitted to having the attention span of a toddler, by stating that this 2 paragraph bit of text was too long for you to read. You have a clear cut case of Twitter syndrome.
by Serpentine Storm March 9, 2019
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A dark fetish fantasy that involves women ending up as food. Its male counterpart is called androphagia. Typically centered around the butchering, preparing and cooking process, unlike vorarephilia which is more focused on eating or being eaten.

People involved in this fetish tend to act it out through roleplay. Like any fetish, there is an array of images and short stories depicting gynophagia. A known artist is Muki's Kitchen, who, aided by nude models, depict various scenes involving preparation and cooking of women. Another artist is Dolcett, who, through drawings, shows a gorier side to the fetish.
Harry said to Sally: "Join me in my kitchen and I'll explain more about gynophagia."
by Serpentine Storm May 11, 2022
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