Someone who acts big and bad on twitter but a complete Pussy in real life.
Bree–“ I was all cool with her until she had to go roll her twitter fingers and started talking shit.”
by turkeysandwhich12 July 11, 2017
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The new nickname of Eli Apple, defensive back for the Cincinnati Bengals.
Eli Apple ran his Twitter Fingers all week leading up to the AFC Championship Game, but couldn’t back it up on the field.
by SteelersFan1989 January 30, 2023
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Somebody who fancies themselves a social media expert and tweets and retweets incessantly as if every thought they have is vitally important to the well-being of humanity.
17 tweets in an hour means you have twitter finger. It also means you're annoying.
by san-nicola February 25, 2011
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meaning to tweet quickly without thinking, tweeting controversially
“wow, she’s really getting canceled on twitter.”

“yeah, it’s cause of her twitter fingers.”
by hbweroda November 25, 2020
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When a man plays with Clitoris and penetrates at the same time.

Action a referred as Playing Old school DJ with the Pussy.
“He gotta do Twitter fingers to make me cum

“He gotta have Twitter fingers to get to work
by Frstar27 June 20, 2019
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A Bitchnigga who only talk shit on Twitter and social media
Meek Mill cant rap so he goes to twitter to use them twitter finger
by 6GOD August 2, 2015
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