Twitter Stans are usually a group of people that worship or praise a certain individual by creating an account and making fan edits, blogs, etc.
by LORD KSI March 01, 2021
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one of the most problematic people you will meet in your life. They will argue with anyone that says one bad thing about their stan so don't get on their bad side.
by yeahimfine June 18, 2020
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the absolute worst kinds of people you will ever meet. uses “sis” and “sweetie” as if they’ve just won an argument. think they’re better than everyone but they hide it with memes about depression then later rant about how depression is a serious illness and then later romanticize depression then complain how people keep on romanticizing depression then say “i’ve changed my opinion from back then” then say “people don’t deserve to be forgiven, the damage is done.” the physical embodiment of “black girl reaction gif
person a: “hey, how come that loser says ‘sis’ when talking to people?”
person b: “don’t worry, it’s just a twitter stan.”
by chinese immigrant July 30, 2018
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Someone who "cancels" you for making a mistake in grammar, and worships their crappy boy band K-pop group BTS.
John: whats your favorite color?
Kyle: white
John: It's a shade idiot
Kyle: I domt care
Kyle: Don't you have to be worshiping boy bands somewhere else?
John: *demonic cancel sounds*
Twitter stans are annoying
by gauxapen March 09, 2021
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a whole new language on twitter used by cool gen z kids thats kinda hard to understand if you dont know
no one:

literally nobody:
twitter stan:

i love oomf

ill step on you binch

its on sight
by reddieforit October 01, 2019
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a twitter stan is a fan boy/girl who says things like k sis and love that for me est. they are usually the popular girls/boys at school because they all look like Emma chamberlain
twitter stan; omg did u see the Dolan twins new video

non twitter stan; wHo'S tHe dOlAn TwInS
by January 11, 2019
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Possibly the best people you’ll ever meet. The fun, joking, taking no offense to harmless jokes, funny kind of people on the internet. Twitter is where they are all the time and they never grow tired of it
Hannah: I hear that Lia is a Twitter stan

Kelly: she is. Those are the best people ever online
by Leah69 May 21, 2018
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