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A cool ass mutha fucker. A cool gangsta. A cool G. A Coo gee. Cool gangsta. Coogie="Coo gee"
That mutha fucka is a coogie!
by Coogie October 31, 2014
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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The same thing as a loogie, except that instead of expelling mucous, cum is expelled.
After I busted a nut in her mouth, she couldn't swallow it all and hacked up a coogie.
by Sticky Willy March 28, 2006
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bubba, bro, used by whites
Whadaeena gittie I beat, coogie!
by JoeyBradley January 04, 2005
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Coogie- a 'cum loogie.' When you suck dick all night, and the next morning, you hock a loogie that tastes, or smells, like penis.
"I was sucking Brad's dick all night, and today, I hocked up a nasty coogie!"
by David Lee Cumshot January 23, 2009
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A word to describe something cool, fucking rad, or bomb-ass; chill, relaxed, or pretty much anything less shitty than existence

(Almost always used by some white trash douche or wannabe hipster)

2. A cum-loogie
Derrick: "Yo, your bitch sucked my dick last night and when I came in her mouth, she coughed up a coogie, and then I fucked her without a condom. I made her eat what I thought was a plan B, but it turned out to be some roofy type shit, so I just fucked her again. No condom."

Zeke: "Tf!? You Cosbyed my wife?"

Derrick: "Yea broski! That bitch was beggin for this one-inch-punisher!"

Zeke: "..."

Derrick: "You mad?"

Zeke: "Nah, its coogie bro. Thots gon be thots."

Derrick: "..............You fucking weird man!"
by Coogie Rudy June 27, 2018
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