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A cool ass mutha fucker. A cool gangsta. A cool G. A Coo gee. Cool gangsta. Coogie="Coo gee"
That mutha fucka is a coogie!
by Coogie October 31, 2014
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The same thing as a loogie, except that instead of expelling mucous, cum is expelled.
After I busted a nut in her mouth, she couldn't swallow it all and hacked up a coogie.
by Sticky Willy March 28, 2006
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Coogie- a 'cum loogie.' When you suck dick all night, and the next morning, you hock a loogie that tastes, or smells, like penis.
"I was sucking Brad's dick all night, and today, I hocked up a nasty coogie!"
by David Lee Cumshot January 23, 2009
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A word to describe something cool, fucking rad, or bomb-ass; chill, relaxed, or pretty much anything less shitty than existence

(Almost always used by some white trash douche or wannabe hipster)

2. A cum-loogie
Derrick: "Yo, your bitch sucked my dick last night and when I came in her mouth, she coughed up a coogie, and then I fucked her without a condom. I made her eat what I thought was a plan B, but it turned out to be some roofy type shit, so I just fucked her again. No condom."

Zeke: "Tf!? You Cosbyed my wife?"

Derrick: "Yea broski! That bitch was beggin for this one-inch-punisher!"

Zeke: "..."

Derrick: "You mad?"

Zeke: "Nah, its coogie bro. Thots gon be thots."

Derrick: "..............You fucking weird man!"
by Coogie Rudy June 27, 2018
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