Twins are smart beautiful and nice,once you met them they will change your life.Even they do fight alot,they are amazing.
Kyla: "Hey! Have you met my friends? There twins!"
Ella: "no I haven't! But I'd love to meet them!"
by Kyla FireStorm September 14, 2018
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Annoying, but lovely people who do everything together, including shower, and sometimes are able to read each other’s thoughts. I know twins and they are double trouble when they get angry or mischievous, but if you are friends with one, you must be friends with the other. They are so annoying when they want to be. But together they have double the heart and always have room in their heart for anyone.
Twins are awesome
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A fucking nightmare from hell. Seriously, if you have twins, you better sell your fucking soul to Satan, because you are D-O-N-E fucked!
by Error404whatswrongwithme April 18, 2020
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Honestly the best person you can ever have.
Twin telepathy, similar thinking- everything is amazing about having a twin. <3
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by JESSSICA!!! October 20, 2019
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Mention this word to any bloke and an image pops up in their mind.
That image is something like this:
Two gorgeous blondes in a club both ready to endulge in a threesome.
John: Guesse what!... Wendy's having twins!

Jimbob: Twins?.......Mmmm!

John: You're sick dude!
by Bambilicious1251 June 26, 2007
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Two people, related. Fraternal look different or identical look the same always fight but secretly love each other. Twins have the same birth parents and the same birthday. Identical twins can be two girls or two boys but fraternal twins can be two boys, two girls or a boy and a girl.
Those twins look alike.
That girl over there is a twin.
by Izzy17 July 23, 2018
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