Yet another stupid thing that white males say to each other to somehow bond or show how macho they think they are. This word can easily be replaced with 'beer', 'beef' or 'football' for the same effect.
White Male #1: Hey man, TWINS!!!
White Male #2: Fuckin' A!!! TWINS!!!
White Male #3: I know man, TWINS!!!

(White Males #1-3 have now bonded and can start drinking together)
by Grackle June 17, 2009
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A person you can not live without a person you can trust with anything a person that is your ride or die somebody that aggravates you but makes you laugh a person that completes you.
"Omg look at my twin."
"Look at my twin slaying."
by Chantiffanei April 29, 2017
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(The) Twins. Two talentless idiots whom brought about the fall of the X-factor. (also see Jedward)
"why are The twins STILL in the finals!?" or "The twins are ruining the show, Im not watching X-factor anymore!"
by Luciacatz November 17, 2009
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Twins are look alike and come from the same mother and time!
"Hey Valerie nayely looks like you"VALERIE: lmao were twin sisters"twins look alike "
by Nayely Hernandez April 30, 2015
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Two girls who are related who look exactly alike, most men like them
"Oh my god, those twins are fucking hot..."
by Zach W. October 29, 2005
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"Twins" is what you say when you meet someone with a wristband or handstamp the day after attending a bangin rave or club.
Zoey runs into a stranger with a GitD wristband from Avalon at Starbucks, points to wrist: "Check it, twins"
by itsallkizza June 12, 2011
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